Help the skaters from the year 2000 save the world from the attack of evil robots in this fast paced skateboadring game.

Grind Day is an oldschool platformer/runner arcade style game with gnarly 16 bit like graphics.

Choose your skater pick your board ride ollie and flip your way through the city while defeating enemies with simple and intuitive controls.

Easy to play and hard to master with lots of cool game mechanics and gameplay modifiers that will keep you playing till the end and will leave you wanting some more.

Get on your board and hit'em hard

  •  16 bit pixel art graphics and animations
  •  Mind blowing chiptune music made in some old contraption on some dark basement
  •  Fast paced gameplay
  •  Easy to play hard to master mechanics
  •  Lots of enemies that go BOOM! when you hit them
  •  Our pets appear as easter eggs in the background
  •  Almost buttonless game... only one, well maybe two
  •  Sick combos
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Passing Skate